How many types Lists in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)?

html lists

While reading the contents of a document, we generally prefer to read only the required information. So lists provide a convenient way of displaying important information of the users in small paragraph consisting of few lines. Different types of lists available in HTML are: Bulleted Lists (or Unordered Lists) Numbered …

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Car Rental Management System in PHP/MYSQL

Car Rental Management System

What is Car Rental Management System in PHP/MYSQL? This is a very small system created in php/mysql. Its good for student of Computer Science. Download it from below link. Programming Language : PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript  

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What is DHTML(Dynamic Hypertext Markup Languages)?


DHTML (Dynamic HTML) is not a singular technology but a collection of HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and scripting languages (such as JavaScript etc.) for creating dynamic WebPages. The various elements created using HTML are formatted using CSS. This when further combined with JavaScript help to add animation …

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Structure of First HTML Document


HTML is a simple and powerful language used to define the structure of HTML documents. It allows  you to format text, images and save it as text only file that all the computers understand. Every HTML document is logically organized into series of elements that are arranged according to the …

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Online School Management System in PHP/MYSQL/HTML/CSS

School Management System

What is School Management System? This system is created for Computer Science student. It’s also useful for MCA and B.Tech final year student. All the system is base on school management, admin can handle all things in this project. Admin can add teachers, student’s, student’s fees etc. This system is …

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Online Shoes E-commerce Store in PHP/MYSQL/HTML/CSS

shoe e-commerce store

What is Shoes Online Shoes E-commerce Store? This project has been prepared especially for the computer science and I.T students. In this project user can purchase shoes by ordering online. It is like E-commerce Website. Users easily select the shoes and add in the shopping cart. After User can enter his/her …

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