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Structure of First HTML Document

HTML is a simple and powerful language used to define the structure of HTML documents. It allows  you to format text, images and save it as text only file that all the computers understand. Every HTML document is logically organized into series of elements that are arranged according to the rules of SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language). The basic HTML document structure is as allow.

HTML Structure

HTML Structure



<!-This section contains title and supplementary information about the page –>



<!– This section contains the document content –>



We Will now explain each section individually.

<HTML>: It specifies the document as a webpages that can be seen in the web browser. The entire document is enclosed within<HTML> and</HTML> tags.It actually tells the web browser where the page starts and where it ends.It usually consists of two parts HEAD and BODY. Although web browsers can display the webpages without HTML tags but it it always recommended to include it so that every web browser can properly recognize it.

<HEAD>: The Head section specifies descriptive information about the web documents.It is marked by an opening tag>HEAD> and a closing tag</HEAD>. It consists of information such as the title of the webpage, the keywords used by search engines for searching purpose, linking information about the webpages that should be preloaded and supplementary information such as style sheets and scripts. It may also contain a number of elements such as <BASE>,<ISINDEX>,<LINK>,>META>,<SCRIPT> and<STYLE>.

<TITLE>: The title elements contains the title of HTML document that appears on the title bar of the browser’s window when the webpages is loaded. It is enclosed between <TITLE> and</TITLE>tags. The Title should be descriptive and meaningful as it is frequently used for bookmaking a pages as well as used by the search engine to index the document.




<BODY>: The body element contains the actual contents of you HTML document that can be seen by the end user, when the page is loaded in the browser’s window. The body element contains any valid HTML contents such as text, image, form, special characters etc.. These contents are always enclosed between <BODY> and </BODY> tags. It starts after the ending HEAD tag and ends above the ending HTML tag. It consists a number of attributes such a s BGCOLOR, TEXT, LEFTMARGIN, TOPMARGIN, BACKGROUND, LINK, ALINK,VLINK etc.


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