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How many types Lists in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)?

While reading the contents of a document, we generally prefer to read only the required information. So lists provide a convenient way of displaying important information of the users in small paragraph consisting of few lines.

Different types of lists available in HTML are:

  1. Bulleted Lists (or Unordered Lists)
  2. Numbered Lists (or Ordered Lists)
  3. Definition Lists
  1. Bulleted or Unordered Lists (<UL>)

Bulleted List is an unordered which is used to represent set of items that are related to one another but the order of items is unimportant. The steps of creating unordered lists are:

  1. Start with opening unordered list tag <ul>
  2. Enter the list items by opening tag <li> followed by individual items. The closing </li> tag is optimal.
  3. Finally, end the unordered list by ending tag.
  1. Numbered list or Ordered list (<ol>)

Number List is an ordered list that is used to represent a set of related items in a given order such as step by step instruction, recopies, outline etc. A numbered list always begins with <ol> tag and ends with </ol> tag. OL stands for ordered list.

The steps for creating ordered list are

  1. Start with an opening ordered list tag <OL>
  2. Specify the <li> tag followed by individual item. The closing tag </li> is optional.
  3. End the entire list with a closing tag </ol>.

    3. Definition lists (<dl>)

Definition List is primarily used for glossaries terms with their definition. The definition list are always enclosed in <DL> and </DL> tag. It differs from other type of lists in that a list item consists of two parts: a Definition term and Definition Description.



  •  Unordered List 
  •  Ordered List 
  • Definiation List 



<title> Unordered List </title>



Input Device are<br/>


<li> Keyboard</li>








<title> Ordered List </title>



Step to plan your website<br/>


<li> Find out target audience</li>

<li>Organize your material </li>

<li>Create a directory structure</li>

<li>Create a sketch of pages</li>

<li> Design the look</li>




<title> Definition List </title>
<dt> Domain Name System (DNS)
<dd> Interent service used to look up a computer’s name and find the IP address
<dt> JPEG
<dd>Joint Photographic Experts Group. A Format used to represent digitized images. It is mostly used on web
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