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Contact Form іn Bootstrap Template

Contact Form

In thіѕ tutorial, wе аrе gоіng tо create simple Contact Form іn Bootstrap Template. Thіѕ simple tutorial thаt I create іѕ а vеrу common rіght now. Thеrе аrе mаnу оf websites thаt hаvе а contact form. It’s commonly uѕеd tо set а questions оr suggestions tо уоur website bу thе …

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How many types Lists in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)?

html lists

While reading the contents of a document, we generally prefer to read only the required information. So lists provide a convenient way of displaying important information of the users in small paragraph consisting of few lines. Different types of lists available in HTML are: Bulleted Lists (or Unordered Lists) Numbered …

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What is DHTML(Dynamic Hypertext Markup Languages)?


DHTML (Dynamic HTML) is not a singular technology but a collection of HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and scripting languages (such as JavaScript etc.) for creating dynamic WebPages. The various elements created using HTML are formatted using CSS. This when further combined with JavaScript help to add animation …

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Structure of First HTML Document


HTML is a simple and powerful language used to define the structure of HTML documents. It allows  you to format text, images and save it as text only file that all the computers understand. Every HTML document is logically organized into series of elements that are arranged according to the …

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Learn How Create HTML5 Website Design

HTML5 Website Design

Want to improve you HTML5 Learning skill then kindly download our this project. This website template create in html5 and CSS3. You can learn more thing from template.Here are home page of HTML5 Website Design.   There are seven menu in this template: Home page Portfolio page About Us Page Gallery …

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